Deemed the happiest music of Americans today, Full Circle’s music is an exciting mix of many genres which include old and new American jazz traditions, pop, and timeless blues. Full Circle’s Band has been bringing the good times, to audiences and making grand gestures at weddings in Clarksville Tennessee since 2021. Their secret is the way they embody their music, feeling every note they play. With Joy Pointe on vocals, harmonizing every note. She is more than just a voice, spending her time in the theatre, singing and dancing on the road. On drums striking with emphasis is Richard Sinclair, who has over fifteen years of experience. Edwin Marrero has an extensive musical background and serves as the jazz guitarist on the band. He has served as a teacher and guidance counselor to say the least. On horns is Jerrel Fair aka Mr. Short, he has been playing the trumpet since 1979 and has recording records on the Housewives season 1 soundtrack. On bass and the leader of Full Circle is Herman Outar, he has over twenty years of playing in various bands.  Full Circle is a band that is committed to focusing on the genuine and real feel of their music. Ready and willing to bring joy and promise to anywhere they play.